HealthTeam360 is a tool to help you make smarter decisions about the health care services you need.

Use it to get the care that gives you the best outcomes–and saves you the most money.

Most of the health care services we need are not emergencies, and in the US most of our health problems are related to the choices we make about how we move, eat, rest, and socialize. These are called ‘lifestyle-related health problems,’ and for many of us they result in often serious health challenges: diabetes, heart and circulatory problems, weight issues, digestive problems, and so on.

About four in ten American adults treat these conditions using a combination of regular medical care and some form of alternative, complementary or blended health care services: chiropractic, naturopathic medicine, psychology, acupuncture, massage, or others. It’s often difficult to know what works best for different problems. So most of us experiment; we try a provider and see if it helps. Many times it contributes to our health and improvement, but many times any single approach isn’t enough. It’s often hit or miss.

Research indicates that there are often many options from other professions that can help us improve our health. HealthTeam360 came out of many years of experience in working with different types of provider teams. Many people need guidance about what ‘works,’ and that is often a complex interplay between different sets of clinical options, personal values and beliefs, and the resources available. Trying to find the right help can be confusing if we don’t know what different providers can or should do.

So at HealthTeam360 we offer you the opportunity to get personalized, custom reviews for self-described health problems and conditions. We use a team of six different integrative and holistic providers: doctors of medicine, chiropractic and naturopathic medicine; licensed psychologists; and practitioners of acupuncture/Asian Medicine and therapeutic massage. These reviews are intended to help you learn about some specific, important information. You’ll find out:

  • What types of health providers you are most likely to respond to given your values and experience;
  • Which different clinical approaches, therapies or treatments that may be appropriate for your specific health concern; and
  • The level of evidence that supports those recommendations, and a rough idea of the amount of time, money, and personal responsibilities involved in achieving optimal outcomes

Follow our three step process to better health!