The HealthTeam360 3-step process will help you save money on health care and improve the chances you’ll get better outcomes.

Before you start, it’s important that you understand a few things. These and more are in our Terms of Service, which you accept and agree to by using this website.

  • We don’t give health care advice. We make recommendations based on what you tell us, and we are not conducting an examination. Our job is to report evidence-based options so that you can make your own choice. Nothing we suggest you consider should be taken as a substitute for consulting a health care professional.
  • Your information is safe and secure. We do not sell or give your personally identifiable health information to anyone. Ever.

Here are the three steps:

Plan: We’ll give you the ability to choose a health problem or condition, and members can access or purchase a personalized, 360° review of evidence-based options from our panel of integrative health care providers. You are free to choose which of the recommendations fit for you, your values, your lifestyle and your budget. To help you, we offer our Values Inventory to help decide which types of providers you are likely to work best with. Once you receive our panel’s recommendations, you can design your own personal health plan (PHP).

Treat: With your PHP, you can choose from our list of participating providers or seek out your own. We want you to see health care providers as members of your own personal ‘health care team.’ After all, YOU are the health care consumer patient, and your own health care needs to be ‘patient-centered.’

Track & Measure: We have simple tools to track how effective your treatment choices are. We add your report to our database so we can help everyone make smarter and smarter choices over time.

Use of the basic site information is free, but our personal health care reviews are fee based. You can either purchase one of our 360° Reviews, or use an employer coupon code to obtain one.