HealthTeam360 Personal Clinical Reviews


One set of six personalized health care concern reviews from our panel of holistic, integrative providers: MD/DO (doctors of medicine and osteopathy), DC (doctors of chiropractic), ND (doctors of naturopathic medicine), LP (licensed psychologists or other mental health professionals), LAc (Licensed acupuncturists), and MT (Massage Therapists, registered/regulated where possible).


The HealthTeam360 personal clinical reviews use information you supply as a basis for our team of integrative, holistic providers to make recommendations to you about the kind of care you might seek.

Once you complete purchase of the reviews and submit your health problem questionnaire, you’ll receive six separate responses from our panel of providers. Each reviewer will give you:

  • Several specific clinical recommendations based on what their profession can offer in addressing your problem, condition or concern
  • The degree of evidence that supports these recommendations (a 3-level evidence citation)
  • Ranges of time frames, outcomes and responses

From there, it’s up to you: to seek the actual clinical care you need. Our reviews are not a substitute for actual clinical examinations, evaluations or assessments.

We believe integrative, holistic health care has a great deal to offer many people, so we invite you to submit your health problem, concern or issue to our panel of six integrative, holistic health providers. They will each offer you a set of suggestions about the types of clinical care they believe may help you, if their profession has a contribution to make. You can use these suggestions to go seek the actual care that you need, then track your outcomes and see how well you are progressing–how much value you are getting as a health care consumer.

The price of these reviews is a bundled set of six for $149.00. You may use a coupon code for a discount if this service is being sponsored for you.

It is very important that you remember our Terms of Service includes notice that the use of this website, obtaining these reviews and using their recommendations are not a substitute for any actual care that is needed.