Our privacy policy at HealthTeam360, LLC is that your personal information will never be shared. Ever. With any one.

What’s ‘personal information’?

Personal health information is split it into two categories. The first is anything that can easily identify who you are: name, age, location, and so on. That stuff we encrypt and don’t make available to anyone. That’s “PHI”, or ‘protected health/personal information.’

The second category is information about health conditions, problems, recommendations, and outcomes. This data we blend into a pool–in a way no one can be identified–and use it to refine recommendations for members now and in the future. So you contribute to the pool of data, but no one using that data can identify whom you are.

What does this mean in practice? It means that we track the types of health concerns that are registered, related lifestyle choices (because so much of chronic health disease is related to lifestyle choices), what types of providers are preferred, the recommendations those providers make, the types of care people seek, and the outcomes that are registered. We dump that information into a pool and use a type of algorithm generator to see what’s working best. That’s what we use to help people make the best decisions about their own care.

If you have any questions or concerns, please send us a note.