Doctors of Medicine (MD) and of Osteopathy (DO) are trained to use drugs and surgery to specifically address disease, illness, and injury.  Besides using that conventional approach, holistic and integrative physicians also attempt to take account of the whole person.  That means paying attention to mind, body, spirit, environment, life-style, and genes.  These physicians endeavor to deal with the meaning of illness as well as the mechanism of illness.  They recognize that each individual’s power to heal and be healed often extends beyond one’s physical body.  The holistic physicians take a personal life-style and systems approach that addresses the basic causes of chronic disease such as stress, toxins, allergens, infection, and nutrition.  They also understand the importance and usefulness of working with multiple types of practitioners and therapies. When we have chronic or complicated health issues related to our lifestyle choices (diabetes, cardiac issues, obesity, digestive problems, fatigue, etc.) they can be an invaluable source of guidance, information and care. Making a MD part of your holistic health team helps ensure you get optimal care!

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