Using a 3-point SORT (Strength of Research Taxonomy) scale we compare your choices of providers, their suggested clinical strategies, and your personal outcomes as you move through treatment and management of your health problem, concern or condition. This way we can help refine recommendations for future users.

As an example, some professional recommendations for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) might include the following. The SORT scale suggests how well providers’ recommendations have been researched. The greatest amount of research would be a ‘3’ in all areas, so an ideal result would be 18/18 from the six reviewers. But many holistic therapies have not been well-researched–even though they may be effective–so less of a SORT rating may not mean it’s a bad choice, only that it just hasn’t been researched well.

By tracking your choices, their SORT ratings and your outcomes, we can help answer questions for future users about which clinical strategies give the best outcomes–and thus, the greatest value for your health care dollars.

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